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Osho Serendipity is a part of Serendipity Institute for Creative Living.

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Osho Serendipity Institute in Greece is authorized as an Osho Institute, from Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune of India.  Its facilitators are well educated and trained to facilitate all the Osho meditations and therapies. 
Osho Serendipity Institute for Creative Living is placed in an ideal location for meditation and holidays just a breath away from the sea and it has a very powerful buddhafield you can feel the moment you set foot in the Institute.
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In our Institute you will find almost all the Osho methods and meditative techniques that are regularly offered and have helped a lot of people on their journey of self-awareness and introspection.
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Zorba the Buddha Way of Living

Osho Serendipity Institute is a safe and organized environment in which visitors and guests are able to experience Zorba the Buddha Way of Living, covering their cosmic needs and achieving introspection. The space is designed so as to offer its guests the opportunity to bloom, live their lives creatively and walk all the way the path of their personal development.

In Osho Serendipity Institute you will find a series of creative retreats that combine Osho’s techniques and teachings -following the Zorba the Buddha way of Living- with modern tools and the simple joy of life. All the retreats offer you the opportunity to experience a new creative encounter of life, enjoying every single moment of it.


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